Sashiko sampler Pattern 9

Sashiko sampler Pattern 9

Pattern 9: Seven Treasures (Shippo tsunagi)

You might recognise this pattern as wine glass or double wedding ring. In Japan this motif was often used to decorate Buddhist art. It is said to represent the seven precious jewels mentioned in Buddhist writings. This is the last pattern in the Sashiko sewalong.


Draw out a ¾” grid on to one of your 3” squares of your sampler.

You will also need a circular stencil to drawn around. This needs to measure just slightly less than 1 ½”.


Use your circular stencil or shape to draw in the first four circles.


Now draw in the  centre circle and using the template complete the rest of the overlapping pattern.


The short Sashiko needle works well for this design to help you get round the curves more easily. Thread your needle with double thread and a knot on the end. I have worked seven stitches in each curved section.

There is no set order to stitching this design however you should stitch the wavy lines and not complete circles in order to minimise the amount of knots. You can turn the corner at the end of the wavy line. Leave small loops as before to stop the work becoming drawn up.


Work your way back and forth until all the lines in one direction have been completed. Turn the work around and complete the lines in the opposite direction and the pattern will slowly emerge.



Post pictures of your finished pattern to my facebook page Brightonfashionandtextileschool and share on Instagram with #sashikosampler or email it to me if you prefer by the Monday 5th December.

I will choose my favourite ones of this design and the next one and get in contact to send you your prize! The overall Prize winner for the Sashiko Sampler will be revealed on Monday 9th December 2016.  The very best of luck and I look forward very much to seeing the finished samplers!


Enjoy your Sashiko stitching!




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