Sashiko Sampler Pattern 3

Sashiko Sampler Pattern 3

Pattern 3: Kakinohanazashi (Persimmon Flower stitch)

The Persimmon Flower stitch is a very popular design and represents a stylised version of the flower. The fruit is sometimes called a Sharon fruit.

This is another one stitch sashiko design but with some variation in the layout of the rows. The stitches are approximately ¼” long. I have used a long sashiko needle for this design so that I can load the whole row of stitches at one go before pulling them through.


Mark out a ½” grid on one of your squares on the sampler. Thread your needle with double thread and a knot at one end.


Sew rows 1, 2 & 3 which are offset from each other. Notice though, that row 4 is the same as row 3.



This is the stitch pattern for the horizontal rows. I have found that it helps to put a mark in the top left hand corner before you begin so that you always know where you have started the pattern.



So that’s all the horizontal rows in now for the vertical rows.



Here is the stitch pattern for the vertical rows. Note that rows 4 & 5 and 8 & 9 are the same.



Here is the pattern building up. Exciting isn’t it.


Ta da!


Post pictures of your finished pattern to my facebook page Brightonfashionandtextileschool and share on Instagram with #sashikosampler or email it to me if you prefer by the Monday 11th July 2016

I will choose my favourite and get in contact to send you your prize! The Prize winner will be revealed on 15th July 2016.

I have really been enjoyed seeing your entities so far. You are not making it easy for me to choose favourites!


Enjoy your Sashiko stitching!

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