Sashiko Sampler Pattern 2

Pattern 2: Jujizashi (Cross Stitch)

This is a one stitch sashiko design. The stitches are much longer than the last pattern, approximately ¼” long and they cross over each other creating a raised effect. This would have helped to add strength to the fabric in areas that would get the most wear like on the shoulders of a fisherman’s jacket.


Mark out a ½” grid on one of your squares on the sampler.


Thread your needle with double thread with a knot at one end. Notice that your first row does not follow a drawn line. Your stitches will be worked through the centre of the row. It helps to think of making your stitches half the length of the square.

Stitch the second row on the line. The stitches are offset.


Stitch in the horizontal rows. Continue stitching the rest of the rows until you have completed the grid.


This is what the back will look like. I have left loops at the end of each row before sewing the next one. You can keep going back and forth across the rows until you run out of thread. Make sure you have enough to tie off at the end of a row.


Post pictures of your finished pattern to my facebook page Brightonfashionandtextileschool and share on Instagram with #sashikosampler or email it to me if you prefer by the Monday 4th July 2016

I will choose my favourite and get in contact to send you your prize! The Prize winner will be revealed on 9th July 2016.

Some of you may have noticed that I suggested you send in last weeks finished squares by a date in August which should have been 27th June. Woops a daisy!


Enjoy your Sashiko stitching!

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