Sashiko Sampler Pattern 1

Sashiko Sampler Pattern 1

Sashiko Sampler Sewalong

Pattern 1: Mountains.


Mountains cover 80% of the land in Japan so I thought this pattern would be a good place to start.

Before we begin you should decide whether or not you are going to stitch a sampler onto one piece of fabric or to make separate ones.

This is how I have marked out my sampler. 3” squares with a ½”gap in between.


Begin by marking out a 3” square on your fabric. I used a white sew line pen. Then mark a ¼” grid. I like to mark all the sides before drawing the lines.


Use your ruler to draw in the horizontal and vertical lines.


Choose a needle with a large eye big enough to hold a thread like cotton perle No 8, or three stands of embroidery thread and a sharp point. Thread the needle with a double thread and tie a single knot in the end. I am using sashiko thread which is a soft thread a bit like crochet cotton.


Begin stitching row one. Bring your needle to the front at the fifth square and make two stitches. One of the things that makes this technique look good is keeping the same number of stitches in each repeated line. So following the grid, stitch across two squares then up two squares until you reach the end of the grid. Finish with a single knot at the back.


This what your first row should look like from the back. Notice that I have started and finished with a knot and that the knots are tied ¼” away from the stitching. I have also left a small loop of thread at each corner. This allows you to relax the stitches out if they have got a bit tight.


Continue stitching the rest of the rows until you have completed the grid.


Post pictures of your finished pattern to my facebook page Brightonfashionandtextileschool and share on Instagram with #sashikosampler or email it to me if you prefer by the Monday 27th August 2016

I will choose my favourite and get in contact to send you your prize! The Prize winner will be revealed on 2nd July 2016.


Enjoy your Sashiko stitching








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