Bojagi Covering Cloth

Bojagi Covering Cloth

When Popular Patchwork magazine asked me to design a Bojagi Patchwork project I was delighted.

From when I first saw Chungie Lee’s piece, No Name Women at the Festival of Quilts in 2009, I knew I wanted to find out more about this type of patchwork.

Bojagi in Korean means wrapping cloth and is the over-arching name given to this type of stitched textile.

I have since carried out a good deal of research and this year I am excited to be going as a delegate to the 2016 Korean Bojagi Symposium in Seoul. I’ll be sharing a post about that too.

I designed this project using a contemporary piecing method of French seams and a traditional Setlam Sangchim, a hand worked stitch to close and decorate the edge.

I hope you enjoy making the project.

Follow the link to the article in Popular Patchwork Magazine December 2015.


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